Monday, January 30, 2012

Now that the Holidays are over and the new year has begun, it is the perfect time to organize your finances and position yourself for a better rating so that you may be granted better interest rates when the time comes for you to apply for credit whether for minor or major purchases. It would be most beneficial if you were to set a practical budget, with the goal in mind of paying off all negative debt that is not providing you with any leverage.  Better yet; how about having a goal of being debt free by the end of the year? That would be ideal, wouldn't it?   This blog will assist you on your journey of ridding yourself of sleepless nights and into more relaxing , pampering and enjoyable me time.  We're off and until next time, take care, and be aware of false invitations that lead to credit despair when you are headed for credit restoration.  

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  1. Very good advice. What I would like to know is once you have built a budget how do you stick to it when there is always something that comes up.